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Hi, I’m Becca! As an accessibility-focused software engineer, I use my Bachelor Degree in Psychology to ensure strong user experiences (UX) and high accessibility standards of clients’ web-apps. I created interactive web-experiences for everything from non-profits and small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. I specialize in frontend and UX, but I also recently completed a Full Stack Developer Professional Certificate from IBM. For my next role, I am excited to use my skills (both new and old) to build secure, performant, usable, and fun web-apps. I initially entered the developer field by creating custom WordPress theme templates, but now I mainly create dynamic React.js web applications with a focus on accessibility.

My favorite React framework is Next.js. Currently, I am experienced in using modern TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, Python, SQL, and PHP. If you’d like to work with me on a web development project or hire me to work with your organization, then fill out the form below and I will gladly get back to you. Thank you!

Becca Wearing Headphones

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